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[21 Jun 2006|11:13am]
[ mood | @#L5j23;ljg!!! ]



Goddamn, I can't feel my toes

Next time, genius, look before you throw your fuckin' textbooks out the window whatteh''j3ojit


[OOC: For the unwary, Taki threw his math textbooks out the window and they, er, landed on Shishi's foot. XD The muse has absolutely no luck (+ his mun is evil ahaha). The muse might be out of commission from tennis for a day or two, but it's nothing serious. *snicker* Just bruised foot/pride/etc. and I'm not sure if he even knew it was Taki? XD;; Might've been in too much momentary pain + rush 'cuz omfgcoldwaterfountainNOW to process. |D;;; Alternatively, he could've cussed at randomperson for a bit and still not realized. *dies*]

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A hey from Amsterdam [03 Jun 2006|08:28am]
[ mood | excited ]

... Hell. I mean, jeez, this is one helluva city. Never had this much water underfoot in my life, 'cept maybe the time 'Tou-san decided a cruise over to Fiji or some was in our best interests. He gets these ideas in his head every now and then. But, damn--just walking 'round the Horseshoe you've got four friggin' canals and the houses like something outta 17th-century Western literature. Always thought Grün-sensei was exaggerating, but then again Europe's like his Holy Grail. *rolls eyes*

Been settling in here, the campus is pretty good and green, and they gave us real good dorm rooms to stay in up high with actual views--prob'ly part of the marketing gig, but hey, what's to pass up? No use going into the food, either, they're throwing everything under the sun at us. Think I saw some African stuff night before last, but hard to tell, 'Kaa-san's repertoire doesn't go exactly that far.

Grabbed a few secondhand guidebooks down at the Spui... Figures that their oldest church is right smack in the middle of the red-light district. *rolls eyes* Internet cafés seem to be the trend here, they actually converted one of the old medieval city gates near the Nieuwmarkt; so'm typing from the Waag at the moment, pretty damn busy place since everyone passes through on their way to buy stuff'n all. Damn Taki spends half the day 'round here'n the Leidseplein people-watching. *rolls eyes*

S'for the other stuff, spent a bit looking 'round the Amstelkring--"Our Lord in the Attic", secret Catholic church my ass. Not much of a secret if they're showing it off to tourists, but guess managing to stick a whole church in an attic is some sorta feat. Definitely more compressed than your normal church, half the regular features'n what, but the lighting's pretty good and they ended up with a whole altar and gallery. Impressive. Their Van Gogh Museum ain't too shabby either, but that'll be a multiple-day trip, 'm thinking.

Their Vondelpark's world-famous or some such. What's the fuss over your ordinary city park, I'd like to know, other than it's greener even than the campus and I guess they've got a pretty nice layout, with the paths'n all. The parrots are a friggin' nuisance, though. S'a good place to spend an afternoon f'you got nothing to do; met a damn motherload of students from our group too, guess we're a pretty good bunch of locusts. Be great to catch one of those free outdoor concerts people around here have been tootin'. Definitely not gonna get to see everything, but I can damn well try, eh?

Here's to y'all at home, get some sun 'fore you go blind, hear?

[OOC: Reseeeaaarch. *deathu* And pictures galore, 'cuz I couldn't resist and Shishi's a damn show-off. XD; All info gleaned from here for the interested. Hey passionfire, are he and Taki roommates, or what? And I was thinking they could go here for their bar gig, wanna make it this Sunday or something? >D The outside bar sounds pretty awesome; here's a random picture of the place. XD]

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Music, wrapping up house [20 May 2006|03:31pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Ever get that feeling where you know you're gonna forget something, but you ain't all packed yet so there's no way for you to tell what it might be? 'M starting to wonder if I should make up a list, but that'd require unpacking everything I've packed. Damn. 'Kaa-san was right, but hell if I'm letting her know. The hell. Figure I'll buy whatever it is over there.

Yuuta's starting a band--any of you guys in on it? Haven't broken out the old noisemaker in a couple centuries, feels like I've forgotten how to play. They say it's like riding a bicycle, though, muscle memory and crap, the fingers know, or somethin'. It'll prob'ly come back around, if not 'Tou-san'll probably go over the basics with me again, he used to be pretty good himself on the guitar back in the day. Aww crap, don't tell me I gotta sing, too?

... *snorts* Well, at least I know I haven't forgotten the plane tickets. Dunno how they got under the couch cushions, though, 'less Ame's been burying stuff again.

[OOC: Small visible to Yuuta. XD Shishido should totally be made to sing. His album makes me all squishy. >3]

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Hell of a weekend. [08 May 2006|02:51pm]
[ mood | calm ]

The tournament this weekend was... hn. Well, saw some pretty good matches, ended up playing one or two really interesting ones, think I'll be seeing 'em again down the road--the university tennis team ain't too shabby at all, but then again it's Rikkai, I s'pose. *shrugs* Still, makes sense that the level would be upped coming into uni.

RikkaiCollapse )

Hey--Taki? The Netherlands trip. Signups start next week and the actual thing runs from May 27 through the two weeks, I think. So if you're interested, I'll e-mail you the website where you can download the app forms and stuff.

[OOC: Strike deleted. XD Past team allegiances confuse the muse, but since a few of Rikkai were his teammates he's reaching out a bit. ;;;]

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Home. [26 Apr 2006|01:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

Finally back, s'been a long leave. Hawaii rocked, it'll be a vacation to remember (I have a souvenir coconut men chess set Mai insisted on getting at least it was better than the weird hula girls thing Lani was toting around the store with us for a while >>, I'll have to put it to good use). And hey, Taki? That was cool of you--the whole thing, so thanks, eh?

Oshitari, you Kansai people are insane. I still have to check to see if my tongue hasn't fallen off or gotten a piece removed. *snorts* I'll grant you, it was good, though--the Kansai stuff around here doesn't compare a bit. Oh, yeah, and I hope I never have to see that many shrines again in a row in my friggin' life--what's so interesting about those we had to spend an entire day on 'em, is what I'd like to know. >>

Gotta bit more time 'til uni, I should start packing and looking up courses.

[OOC: Strike's gone. X3 When he got back from Hawaii he visited Yuushi in Osaka for a day and got dragged around to sample food + historical sites. :D]

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Here we are [14 Apr 2006|12:48am]
[ mood | pleased ]

Hawaii's a place to be. There's something to be said for getting woken up by a seagull outside your window rather than the truck blasts and honks or whatever happens to drive by at some ungodly hour. Been playing a hell of a lot of chess... Didn't know I'd gotten that rusty, but 'Tou-san hasn't been around much lately. *shrugs* Between 'Kaa-san making up her own rules and 'Nii-san trying to feed pieces to the dog there wasn't much practice to be had.

And hey, Mai, for once the klepto's right you're not too shabby. Enough of a challenge to get me somewhere back up to par again, those have gotten rare these days. And thanks for the... you know. >>; *sighs* Is your sister always like that?

The English is coming along, as well.

PrivateCollapse )

[OOC: X3 *dies* Um. Strike gone, small to Mai. :D Referring to her helping him run away from Lani. 8D; And, the muse is... hmm, happy. <3 Which is why he's not complaining more about being stuck with the Bubbles in the same room. XD;]

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Exam week [29 Mar 2006|11:20pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Sometimes I think Taoka-sensei actually spends the time he's teaching off somewhere in the feudal era. That would explain why he thought it was a brilliant idea sending a group of students off to a conference in Kyushu on comparative government, the week before finals. Yeah, so that pretty well fucked us over. We were just lucky he didn't send Sayoko, she at least had notes for us. But we damn well didn't need to go, either. Same old yada about western'n eastern crap, if they really thought the western hemisphere was so damn great they'd have done something about it.

The hell with it, I gotta pack up the room; been planning to get out of here since third year of junior high, I'll probably take up a dorm, or something. Pretty convenient since I'm packing for Hawaii at the same time. Hey, Taki, how long's the trip? I'll bring my playing cards, if anyone feels like a game or two.

Rikkai U's offering some program where they'll send you to their new campus overseas all expenses paid, think I might go for that if admissions ever gets back to me. Barring that, it's Hyoutei U for me. *shrugs*

PrivateCollapse )

Anyone else entering that tournament they're having besides the obvious?

[OOC: *facepalms* That was a helluva long entry, Shishi just decided to ramble about everything he missed in the meantime. x_x; Hey, would the rest of Hyoutei know about Bunta/Taki by now? 'Cuz Shishi's going to congratulate them both (very dryly), if so. :D;; He's also randomly decided he knows Sayoko (everyone refers to her as that, but I can change it if it should be 'Takayama' or something, except then people might not recognize who it is :/), and that he and Yagyuu as fellow former doubles players are on speaking terms. ;;; That said, I think this end of year's worn on him more than he lets on. ^^;;; He's not giving up on Choutarou, precisely, so much as he never really saw a chance in the first place--he'd still fight for it in that circumstance, it's just the way he is, but the muse is not a happy brick wall atm. :/ If something doesn't change his mind he's going to remove himself from Japan, possibly permanently. ;;;; So please, poke him or something. D:]

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[03 Mar 2006|04:36pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Still a bit early to be talking about graduation all the time, isn't it? I wish. I'm prob'ly going to explore journalism some more, maybe see if I can look into the photojournalism side of things--lots of flexibility'll get you far in that field. Going on that, I might--been looking at some internships'n stuff, and about 50%-90% of them are in Europe. Go figure. And maybe I should get out of here for a while. None of the unis here have caught my interest... 'M just drifting with tennis on the side, fucking stupid, when the hell did this start?

... What the hellCollapse )

[OOC: All strikes are delete. :/ Shishi doesn't like talking about graduation. *shakes head*]

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... [19 Feb 2006|10:54pm]
[ mood | confused ]

PrivateCollapse )

Hey, Tezuka. Mind playing a match with me? Since we didn't get a chance yesterday and all.

[OOC: Strike is so deleted, even to himself. He's so confused. XD;;; And he just automatically assumes the attraction is because of tennis. @_@; Tezuka-mun, wanna log this or...?
Post was supposed to be this morning, or something... ASDLfhe;akw;heg *curses longweekend of HW that gives her a half-hour of Intarweb to deal with the Valentine's insanity* D:]

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... Right. [14 Feb 2006|04:33pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

WHAT THE FUCK is with these choco ... But that isn't his Dammit, I

No thanks for the candy, Marui. *rolls eyes* I'll give 'em to the dog keep 'em as a souvenir after graduation, and all.

[Shishido Ryou's Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day]

1) Don't come to school.
2) Don't come to school.
3) Don't come to school.

... This is worse than last year. They literally ambushed me in the yard at lunch and tried to make me pick one to accept chocolates from. Mizuki wasn't kidding about some of these fanclub things being militant. They had scented resumes typed up. Somebody tell me what these girls do with their spare time? >>; I'm leaving practice early, join me, Choutarou? I need to give you your birthday gift.

[OOC: Um. Strikesdeleted, and the explanation for the weirdness--Shishi, er, started railing about the chocolates, suddenly had a random thought they might be from Ohtori, which brought him to a screeching halt. XD; He knows it's unlikely but still. Valentine's Day isn't good for his nerves/intellect/logic. So. Er. XD;;; Oh, smallforChoutarouonly. Gwennie, log~? :3]

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[30 Jan 2006|09:47pm]
[ mood | calm ]

... Last Monday was not a productive practice. In the future, if anyone wants to make fashion statements of any kind, keep them off the courts, dammit. I think Atobe'd agree with me on this one. All the regulars still have freshmen chasing them down to ask for autographs on those photos, Marui, thanks a lot.

Assignment's coming along; slowly, but coming along. Taki, next time we're going to the library so we don't have to keep looking stuff up on crappy Geocities websites, got it? He and my mother are a disturbing combination. We should probably start interviewing actual people this week, too.

Barely have time these days to look at the universities, but then again, it's probably more important since it's pretty much the point of all this, isn't it? Where the hell am I supposed to put all these pointless brochures? And why are they still sending them?

[OOC: All strikesgone. *shoves Akaya off her brain to give Shishi some space* D: Where is my Choutarou~ :/
Hmm, Anne Marie, we can try to start that Mariko log this week/weekend and take it at a leisurely pace with lots of backdating, or just assume it? ^^;; Dunno... Anyway, Shishi and Bunta should really have a log sometime. :x
Ali? Are we writing the article out? If so, when? :D; (This Friday/Next Monday being the deadline...?)]

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[21 Jan 2006|02:58pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

The Valentine's Day talk is starting already? >> Whose idea was it to set so many stupid holidays around the beginning of the year again? I'd kill them if they weren't probably already dead. I have no intention of skipping practice they don't intimidate me at all, just thought I'd get that out of the way... Although, is there any way to set up some kind of barricade around the tennis courts at least until practice is done?

PrivateCollapse )

I have no idea what's gotten into Kantoku lately but maybe Mizuki'll stop before we're down another coach.

[OOC: ... Toomanystrikes. XD;;; Stupid muse is spazzing out over everything. >>;]

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[07 Jan 2006|01:16pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Happy 2006, and all that. It doesn't really feel like the new year yet, though, I'm gonna be writing 2005 on all my assignments for the next month. >>

Hey, Choutarou, it was nice really nice awesome seeing you again. We should go out more often this year... Or is your band schedule tighter now it's spring?

Taki, we need to talk about that article. S'not going to write itself.

HiyoshiCollapse )

[OOC: Strikesdeleted. :D;]

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[24 Dec 2005|01:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

The Christmas party... was memorable, to say the least. Got there early (read: dragged all the way there by one Taki, who apparently wanted company on the way. Weirdo.) as promised to put up the decorations; wasn't very eventful at first, but then people started having way too much fun with the ribbons and confetti. I'm still finding paper in my hair and clothes. >>

And then the party... And stuff. Yeah. >> Damn mistletoe. I'm not doing a tally. Did not enjoy it, either. No. Other than that, it was all right--unloaded all the presents, which was good, I was afraid I'd have to carry a bunch home.

Choutarou and I apparently got each other matching presents... We still think like a doubles pair, I guess I shouldn't be surprised... Guess we both got hit by the same brainwave, huh? With the increased practice I'm probably gonna be doing in January, new winter stuff should come in handy. Also, Taki... Thanks. A lot. Real funny.

Damn, I think they did spike every drop of liquid at the party. Everyone was acting drunk. Had a bit of a headache this morning, actually, but it's gone now--good thing too, because looking through universities right now is enough of a pain in the ass. Merry Christmas Eve.

[OOC: Strikesallgone. Shishi was just sort of randomly handing out candy canes at the party, so both Hyoutei and Seigaku peeps might've gotten some. He also managed to get personalized pins for the Hyoutei regulars. :D;
Ohalso: alsie! If Jirou wants to redeem the bet they made in Shishido's first post, I'd love to get them together for a log~ ^_^ What say you?]

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[17 Dec 2005|10:44am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

There really isn't much to say about practice yesterday, other than the fact that it wasn't practice and was a total waste of my time. With recent events, I think some of the sub-regulars are getting a little too puffed up--took care of that, though. It wasn't too hard to put them in their places. Didn't even have to play a match on it.

That aside, it's probably about time to hit the shops before the Christmas stampede comes along. I'll have to get on that this week, I think.

[OOC: If anyone wants to drag Shishi to the mall or something (he reeeaaally doesn't want to go), the mun is open for logs. 8D]

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[13 Dec 2005|10:22pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

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... Right. Besides the fact that that makes no sense, that's my Secret Santa guy. Interesting?

[OOC: Strikes're gone, naturally~]
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It's still snowing. [05 Dec 2005|05:52pm]
[ mood | complacent ]

The outing with Jirou was nice, since no one in this family likes snow for some reason and we all end up stuck in the house 'til Christmas. Then we get carted off to the relatives (don't think that'll happen this year, though; 'Tou-san'll be overseas and 'Nii-san's staying with his girlfriend up in Hokkaido), but that's just a car ride, and they always crank the heating up too high. >>

... Crap. I refuse to get dragged alone to all of 'Kaa-san's holiday parties. If anyone's looking for me around Christmas, I'll be out and/or hiding in the cellar.

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First of December, first snow. Not bad. [01 Dec 2005|10:34pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

It's still coming down. Whoever puts students in school tomorrow is a sadist. *smirks* I don't think there's going to be practice tomorrow, either; that'd require actually being able to get out of the yard, and I don't think anyone's gonna be shoveling tomorrow. I'm sleeping in.

That said, I think it's eased up a bit so you can actually see. Time to grab my coat and go out to enjoy the weather properly.

[OOC: Yes, Shishido is insane and goes out in the middle of snowstorms. o_o;;]

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[29 Nov 2005|09:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

What the hell. I have a huge-ass cake sitting in the fridge (it's taking up an entire freaking shelf) and nobody to eat it. 'Kaa-san had a sudden sweet tooth last night and decided to drag the entire family into baking because of Oshitari's recipe book... Parents.

Then she didn't want to eat the cake. >> 'Tou-san and 'Nii-san are both out of town for a while (so I guess it was a kinda goodbye party? ... nah). I don't think I can feed it all to the dog.

So. Cake, anyone?

[OOC: WTF baking!Shishido. o_o I need to exorcise him.]

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[23 Nov 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I don't know why 'Nii-san insisted I get one of these; I don't care how many people have them, and the last thing I need is to see more of some of them.

There's nothing really exciting about telling the entire Internet how you spent the last couple hours of your life.

Well, whatever. My turn to do dinner.

Looks like omelettes again. We're running out of the recipes 'Kaa-san clips out of the papers. >>

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